20 Ways People Are Defending Their Christmas Trees From Their Pets


Every time the Christmas season rolls around and I set up the tree, I also prepare for my cat to make herself at right home in its branches.

While I’m fine with letting her hang out on the tree if it makes her happy, I’m not so fond of cleaning up all the broken decorations when she inevitably tips the whole thing over. I’ve pretty much given up at this point and let her do whatever she wants now, but these people refuse to let their pets’ destructive tendencies ruin their holiday.

If you’re sick of your tree always getting ruined by your furry friends, you’ll definitely want to give these 20 creative solutions a try.

1. Pure genius AND pretty!

2. “Thanks for taking away all my fun, hooman.”

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3. Nothing sends a dog running faster than a couple of vacuums.

4. Set up a bunch of plastic bag decoys to distract your kitty.

5. Create an altar to worship the cat gods, because that’s all they really want for Christmas.

6. “I can’t believe you don’t trust me!”

7. Use a beautiful picture instead.

8. Just make your cat wearing a humiliating outfit every time he tries climbing the tree.

9. “What is this wizardry?!”

10. This cat still looks determined to find a way.

11. “Our cat-proof and environmentally conscious ‘Christmas tree.’ Turn a tomato cage upside down, add a blanket, and laugh at the situation.”

12. Sometimes the only solution is to take away all the temptation.

13. Or just lock it up.

14. Decorating the wall is a lot easier, too.

15. A paper tree is better than no tree at all.

16. Something tells me this fox will still be able to reach the tree.

17. This unfortunate person finally threw in the towel.

18. Here we have something that also works for naughty dogs who just can’t wait to open all their presents.

19. This kitty is NOT pleased with his skateboard tree.

20. Why not skip the tree and go for Christmas lights instead?

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While I’m skeptical that my car will ever be stopped, one of these methods is bound to work next year. SHARE with others you know who are tired of their Christmas trees being ruined.




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