21 Cats That Absolutely Cannot Christmas


The holidays are a confusing time for cats. Between the tree they can’t climb, ribbons that are off limits, and shiny balls that shatter instead of bouncing, it’s no wonder that some felines go a little crazy at Christmas.

The 21 cats here are trying their best to celebrate Christmas, but they haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. From “helping” wrap presents to getting stuck in the tree, some have gotten themselves into sticky situations. By the time they figure out this whole holiday thing, it’ll be time to pack it all away until next year.

1. “If I sit real still, can I stay for a while? Pleasseee.”

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2. “What’s this strange thing? I’d better bite it and find out!”

3. This cat is on a mission to eat Christmas, one tree branch at a time.

4. There’s nothing like the moment when you plug in the tree and see it light up for the first time.

5. This kitty is more beautiful than any ornament.

6. “I’m Santa Claws! Get it?”

7. “It’s so green. So shiny. So sparkly. I must touch.”

8. Poor Elmo. He just wanted to help wrap presents.

9. Something tells me that this is not his first time up the tree.

10. Uh oh, looks like someone got cat nip for Christmas! The dog is not impressed.

11. I can’t tell if this cat is celebrating the holidays or auditioning for season two of “Stranger Things.”

12. This duo is so embarrassed, they can’t even face the camera.

13. Some cats look so cute in the tree that it’s hard to get mad.

14. Others get stuck and have to be rescued by a whole team of family members!

15. “You think this is funny? Wait until I pee on the tree skirt.”

16. There’s nothing quite as baffling as seeing your owner sprout antlers.

17. On the other hand, this kitty is just glad he has something to wear.

18. “I got you a present! It’s me.”

19. “Yeah, I murdered the Christmas T-Rex. I told you he wasn’t welcome here.”

20. This cat knows that he’s the best present of all.

21. And this cat’s family wrapped him up to prove it! Don’t worry little guy, you’re definitely not getting re-gifted.

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These cats might not know how to Christmas, but it sure is fun watching them try. Meowy Christmas to all the crazy kitties out there, and good luck to their owners!




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