23 Genius Hacks To Kick Your Manicure Up A Notch


One of my favorite indulgences in the entire world is getting my nails done.

It feels amazing and it’s the ultimate pampering experience. I can’t always afford to go out and get them done at a salon, however, so I often find myself trying to replicate the experience at home. I think I’ve gotten pretty good, but sometimes it seems impossible to create the same effect by myself.

Not anymore! We’ve found the best tips and tricks out there to kick your manicure up a notch. Click the links in each heading for more details.

1. First, it’s important to know which nail shapes are out there and how to achieve them.

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2. Get rid of any spots left on your nails from dark polish by using toothpaste.

3. This super cheap tape can be used to create designs to paint over. You can also simply leave it on your nails to make them pop.

4. Paint Elmer’s glue around your nail beds to make for perfect polish without any mistakes — just peel it off when you’re done!

Vaseline is another way to achieve this hack.

5. Bobby pins, mechanical pencils, and toothpicks can create tiny polka dots quickly and easily.

6. Stick your freshly polished nails in a bowl of ice water to help them dry faster.

7. If you want to make your own matte finish, add a pinch of corn starch to your nail color.

8. For a cute marbling effect, check out this video tutorial.


Youtube / cutepolish

9. Any polish can be glitter polish with this DIY hack.

10. For the feminine book lover, newspaper nails are the ultimate in nail art awesomeness.


Youtube / ImGirlDontYouKnow

11. Can’t open a bottle of nail polish? Stick it upside down in some hot water for a few minutes to loosen the cap.

12. Rubber bands can provide the perfect guide to create a flawless French tip.

13. It can be difficult to draw designs with your non-dominant hand. Instead, create them on a plastic bag first to peel and stick on later. Check out the full instructions!

14. Mermaid chic is definitely in. Try this with any material with holes, including lace.

15. Sharpies can be great for drawing designs, but here’s how to make them into watercolor nail art.


Youtube / Simply Nailogical

16. Apply some Vaseline to the neck of polish bottles before closing so you can open them more easily next time.

17. Brighten up your favorite colors by using a white base coat first.

18. This feather manicure is a showstopper, and it’s way easier to do at home than you think.

19. Peel off glitter polish easily with a base coat of Elmer’s glue.

20. Nail polish spills are no problem. Just grab a bag of sugar and pour on top of the puddle to prevent stains.

21. Spray some PAM on after your top coat to help set your nails and dry them more quickly.

22. Nail tears are the worst! Add some crazy glue to the split, then file it down to keep your nails long and beautiful

23. Bandages can create polka dot patterns that are perfectly aligned.

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These are absolutely genius! I’m in love with #18. SHARE with the aspiring nail artists in your life and set up a day to try these tips out together!



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