24 Adorable Animals That Also Ate WAYYY Too Much On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where eating yourself into a food coma is socially acceptable.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you eat, there’s nothing standing in tryptophan’s way of ending your holiday in sweet, sweet slumber. While most of us won’t make it to our beds and will spend most of the night on the couch, no one’s complaining, because come Black Friday, you’ll need every hour of sleep you can get to withstand the pushing and shoving of irritable Christmas shoppers.

Humans aren’t the only ones who get to indulge in amazing Turkey Day treats. There’s always that one sneaky relative who thinks it’s okay to slip Fido a scrap of turkey or a spoonful of mashed potatoes. If they had jeans to unbutton, these 24 precious pets would definitely be loosening up and hunkering down for an afternoon nap.

1. It was the cranberry sauce that did him in.

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2. When you fall asleep IN your food, you know it’s real.

3. He was out before dessert.

4. She put up quite a fight, but eventually succumbed to the power of sleep.

5. “Listen, humans. I had too much turkey. I’m not ashamed. It’s my turn on the couch.”

6. “I surrender.”

7. He’s already dreaming of next year’s meal.

8. This little guy couldn’t even get away from the table before the tryptophan hit.

9. Food comas aren’t just for dogs anymore.

10. This bunny is down for the foodie count.

11. Don’t underestimate the power of an amazing stuffing recipe.

12. Driving your pet around while they eat is guaranteed to put them out like a light.

13. These two skipped the political talk and went straight for the main event: nap time.

14. After seeing this, I might see how well mashed potatoes work as a pillow next year.

15. “Hooman, why did you let me eat both turkey legs?”

16. “I may have eaten the whole pumpkin pie, okay Mom? I need to sleep it off.”

17. This guy looks like everyone’s grandpa falling asleep while the game’s on!

18. When the face stuffing stops, the back sleeping starts.

19. “Help, I’ve eaten and I can’t get up.”

20. “Guys, how about you stop me after three pieces of pie next year? Just look out, okay?”

21. “There’s plenty of room on the couch for both of us, bucko.”

22. I bet this little nugget got into the wine, too.

23. It was so good that he licked the bowl and then passed out.

24. The family that eats together, sleeps together (probably forever).

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I’m getting sleepy just looking at these tuckered-out pets. I’m still feeling worn out from yesterday!




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