A Pit Bull Was Lying Down When She Saw Some Guinea Pigs. Watch What She Does!


When Kristy Gamayo adopted a pit bull named Moki, she was told to keep her far away from her two guinea pigs. It was thought that the larger animal would kill the tiny piggies, perhaps without even meaning to.

Gamayo, however, decided to introduce Moki to her guinea pigs, Frida and Pandora. She hoped that they would eventually get used to each other, but was shocked to see that the trio had an immediate bond. Today, their heartwarming and unlikely friendship is attracting followers on Instagram. After seeing the photos, it’s easy to see why!

At first, no one was sure how Moki the pit bull would react to her new guinea pig sisters, Frida and Pandora.

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After all, guinea pigs are pretty funny looking!

To everyone’s delight, the trio became fast friends. Gamayo told the Daily Mail, “Since the only knowledge I had of pit bulls was that they were supposedly vicious and prey animals, it really surprised me how well and quickly the three of them bonded.”

Despite warnings that Moki would purposefully or accidentally kill her tiny sisters, the worst she’s done is try to use them as a pillow. To be fair, they are the right shape and size!

As Gamayo said, “The piggies are always crawling up to Moki — smelling her — and Moki in return licks them as she lies down with them.”

Never is the trio more adorable than on holidays. On Halloween, they posed next to pumpkins.

For Christmas, they dressed up in awesomely ugly sweaters and hats.

Then, best of all, the trio rang in the New Year with a private party that I would have LOVED to be invited to! Clearly, they are true party animals.

Of course, they needed plenty of cuddles to recover the next day.

Moki’s such a great big sister that she even tries to share her bone with Frida and Pandora.

They’ve told her a million times that they prefer their crinkle tunnel, though! When will that silly Moki learn?

Most of the time, the trio can be found relaxing on Moki’s dog bed.

Other times, they simply gaze lovingly at each other because they are the cutest of all time.

There’s no doubt that these three are a match made in heaven. It doesn’t get any more precious than this, folks.

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Be sure to share these adorable pictures with your friends and family! I’m officially in love and I’m sure you are too, so follow these unlikely buddies on Instagram.



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