A Pregnant Cat Wandered Into This Guy’s Home And Made Everything Terrible


We all have that one family member who only seems to come around when they want something or need attention.

No one likes an unexpected visitor on their doorstep, and speaking from personal experience, I know that no one enjoys a mooch. Sandwich the cat is both of those things. Even though she looked totally harmless at first, she went from zero to wrecking ball real quick.

Sandwich first walked in to ‘s life while he was waiting for his takeout to arrive.

She couldn’t take a hint and she hasn’t left since.

Our disgruntled homeowner was in for the shock of his life when he discovered Sandwich was pregnant.

She gave birth to six more freeloaders who quickly followed their mom’s lead and set up shop in the disgruntled dude’s home.

These kittens weren’t able to see the error of their freeloading ways (mostly because they hadn’t opened their eyes yet).

now has to fight to sleep in his own bed because the kittens have taken over.

And it looks like he won’t be practicing his drum skills anytime soon either.

But for someone who claims to be frustrated, he sure does take adorable family photos.

And if he didn’t secretly love them, I don’t think he’d play with them so much. We see you, man.

I’m 100 percent certain these two have the perfect love-hate relationship.

I have faith that , Sandwich, and the kittens will have many years of happiness in their future. Now all they need to do is get that bed situation figured out.




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