Courageous Firefighters Attempt To Rescue A Horse From A Dangerous Mud Bath


We’ve all been there. You’re exercising, pushing yourself to new limits, when all of a sudden you’ve lost all energy and begin to feel incredibly weak. As I grow older, I’ve come to learn that energy comes and goes. You’ll have good days and bad ones.

For Cupcake the horse, she was having one of those bad days when she began to sink and eventually fell over into a mix of muddy water.

Lucky for Cupcake, the firefighters from South Metro Fire Rescue were quick to arrive on the scene.

The 13-year-old mare was tired and worked up after trying to wiggle herself free.

More than 15 men from South Metro made their way to Cupcake to try and aid in her rescue.

Cupcake’s veterinarian arrived on scene to administer an injection that would provide her with the energy she needed to stand up and walk.

As she began to regain her strength, it was only a matter of time before Cupcake, with the aid of rescue responders, was able to free herself from the mud.

Watch as members of the South Metro Fire Rescue’s technical team fight to pull Cupcake from her muddy prison.


Congratulations to the men and women of South Metro Fire Rescue for completing yet another amazing rescue. I thank you, the city of Denver thanks you, and most certainly, Cupcake thanks you!




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