He Thought He Didn’t Want His Own Room, But Then He Saw What This Artist Did


One thing that’s incredibly special about visual artists is they know how to make us smile.

They are masters of emotion and use their medium to make us feel. That intuition can extend to anyone, even kids, as Crispin Young Wilson found out. Wilson’s latest project involved painting her friend’s son’s ceiling because he didn’t want to sleep in his own room, but it’s part of a long tradition that she takes everywhere she goes.

The artist, who goes by @crisp22 on Twitter, has painted her ceilings with glow-in-the-dark paint in every home and apartment she’s had.

“I’ve done this for myself in each place I have lived. The landlords either never knew, didn’t care, or new tenants liked it and didn’t complain,” she told BuzzFeed.

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When she heard her friend’s son Ben didn’t want to sleep in his own room, she decided to see if he would love a galaxy ceiling just as much as she does.

The result is an absolutely magical night sky that only shows up when the lights are off.

Wilson says the plan worked. The little boy was tucked into bed kicking and screaming, but the second the lights went out, he was astounded.

“Ben sounds very proud,” she said. “I think he will love his new room, and it makes me so happy to help make his transition to the new home a little easier and more enjoyable.”

The tweet of Ben’s ceiling has now gotten more than 35,000 retweets and 80,000 likes as people respond excitedly to this woman’s amazing artwork.

“It’s a little surreal, but I’m just so touched at how positive it’s been,” she said. “I’m definitely hoping to keep doing this and keep getting better at it.”

Here’s what the ceiling looks like with all the lights on.

And here’s one final look at her incredible gift. She says that Ben’s siblings are jealous now but that he loves sleeping in his room.

(via BuzzFeed)

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Make sure to follow @crisp22 on Twitter for more amazing artwork and occasional pictures of adorable dogs. How much would you love to have this on your ceiling? Let us know!



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