He Went To Lock Up The Church When He Saw A Laundry Basket And Heard Cries Inside It


When St. Paul’s Cathedral custodian Nathan Leonhardt began locking up after evening mass recently, he noticed a full basket of laundry located behind a stairway door.

As he continued to close up, his mind kept going back to the mysterious basket. As he decided to check it out one more time, he heard soft cries coming from the pile of clothing. Digging through the basket, Leonhardt discovered that wrapped inside a series of warm blankets was a newborn baby boy. He’d been abandoned, his umbilical cord clamped with a binder clip.

After notifying the priest of his discovery, the pair called the police. The priest baptized the baby and named the tiny infant Nathan John in honor of Leonhardt, who was ultimately responsible for saving his life.

Watch below to find out more about this ordinary man that is being deemed a hero:


(via Little Things)

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