His Owners Left Him Here For Good. He Waited For Them, Thankfully Someone Saved Him


Earlier this month, a heartbreaking picture of an abandoned dog went viral. His owners had moved, leaving him discarded literally on the side of the road with other unwanted belongings.

Every year, roughly 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters in America. Many have been abandoned by their owners. Due to limited space and funds, more than 31 percent of these poor animals are euthanized.

Luckily, this dog’s story has a happier ending.

As the image circulated online, it caught the eye of Dustin Oliver, founder of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue. He set off, determined to rescue the pit bull known as “Boo” before he was picked up by animal control.

When Boo’s owners abandoned him, he was confused, scared, and lonely. He curled up on their discarded mattress and waited for them to return.

Little did he know, a kind man named Dustin Oliver was on his way to save him.

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However, Boo’s faith in humans had been shaken. Oliver stayed at the site until 1 a.m., talking to the dog and gaining his trust.

The next morning, Oliver returned with breakfast. Boo was starving and chomped down on the food eagerly. Maybe this human wasn’t so bad after all.

Oliver was able to get a leash on Boo and let him lay down on a nice, fuzzy blanket. “We just had a conversation, me and Boo,” Oliver told BuzzFeed News. “I told him how this is going to go, how he’ll never be hurt again.”

First things first, Boo needed to visit a vet. You can tell by that smile, he was already a much happier dog.

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Sadly, Boo tested positive for heartworm and will receive six months of treatment. Despite his rough go, he was very happy to see Oliver waiting for him in the vet lobby!

For now, Boo will stay with Oliver, but the hope is to find someone in the Detroit area to adopt him permanently. If you’re interested in giving Boo a forever home, you can contact Oliver here.

However, rescuing dogs isn’t the only great thing that Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue does. They also work with disenfranchised youth and help feed the homeless. To donate to their organization, click here.

Meanwhile, I’ll be contemplating moving to Detroit so I can adopt this awesome dog!




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