If One Attentive Passerby Hadn’t Heard Her Cries, This Baby Could’ve Frozen To Death


Being outside in the cold is one of the worst parts of winter, and it can even be dangerous.

People of any age can get frostbite, but the elderly and the very young are most at risk. That’s why it’s important to bundle them up. One Los Angeles father, however, is under arrest for child abuse and neglect after leaving his two-month-old daughter alone outside in the winter weather in a tragic story.

Fortunately, a passerby named Damien Tilly heard crying and was able to get the little girl to safety.


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The baby’s mother, who is separated from the father, is grateful to Tilly for saving her daughter’s life.

Thank goodness he came along at just the right moment. No father should ever forget his child out in the cold. SHARE to raise awareness about this tragic case of child neglect.



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