Newborn Kittens Are Rescued When Their Cries Are Heard From A Dumpster


This was the tear-jerking moment when two tiny kittens whose eyes had just opened were rescued from the bottom of a dirty dumpster.

The two cats had been thrown out like trash by some horrible person. Luckily, someone heard their cries for help and called Armando Navarrete and Annette Ramirez of LA Animal Rescue.

Using cameras on long poles, the pair of rescuers managed to find the two kittens near the bottom of a large dumpster. The babies were not even old enough to be weaned from their mother and were extremely lucky to be alive, especially given the amount of trash that was piled on top of them.

Thanks to the rescuers’ dedication and hard work, these two kittens will have the chance to live full, healthy lives.

The adorable kitties are currently in foster care and will be up for adoption once they’re a little older.



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