She Thought They Were Freeing A Butterfly, But Instead, They Gave A Bird A Snack


It’s pretty much an understood fact that all beings are born so that eventually they can die, allowing new things to continue the cycle.

Life is all about celebrating births and mourning the deaths of those we once held near and dear. Although this is pretty much common sense, it certainly wasn’t the life lesson this mother hoped to teach her young daughter while the two spent the afternoon together in the park.

Having caught a butterfly in her net, the little girl was excited to set her captive free into the wild. “Go to your nature place. Go to where you belong,” she exclaimed mere seconds before the horrific scene began to unfold.

No little girl should have to endure this level of trauma.

Excuse me as I try to contain my tears, while belting out the lyrics to “The Circle Of Life” at the top of my lungs.




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