They Dropped Their Girls Off For A Hike And Now They’re Living In A Total Nightmare


Not even a full day after Abigail Williams and Liberty German of Delphi, Indiana, went missing, police made the discovery that everyone feared on Tuesday, February 14: the bodies of two young girls.

Abigail and Liberty were dropped off near Monon High Bridge, a stunning spot that draws out local hikers, on Monday with the expectation that they’d meet back there to be picked up later on. When they never returned, the families started to worry. They were officially reported missing at 5:30 p.m.

Abigail and Liberty posted their last snaps at about 2:07 p.m. After that, their phones either died or were turned off.

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In their final posts, they were seen walking on the bridge and hiking in the surrounding area.

At one point, police wanted to issue an Amber Alert, but investigators later decided that the situation did not fit the criteria based on what they were told at the time.

In a written brief, Sheriff Tobe Leazenby said, “Based on information learned from friends and family members, police do not suspect foul play and have no information to believe the girls are in any kind of danger, other than being exposed to outside elements.”

Sadly, the bodies of the two girls were found less than 24 hours later. Upon discovery, police announced that they did, in fact, suspect foul play after a preliminary investigation. They have not yet ruled the deaths homicides but will brief the Delphi community as the investigation progresses.

The tight-knit town is understandably devastated. In a heartbreaking post following the deaths, community member Michael George Griffey said, “We are neighbors, we are family. And until yesterday, Delphi was always our safe place.”

To see the initial briefing, you can watch the video below.

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It’s so tragic that we live in a world where two young girls can’t go out and enjoy the fresh air without being killed. We send all of our love to their families and friends at this devastating time.

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