They Went To A Valentine’s Day Dance Only To Be Turned Away Cruelly


Caitlin Sumey and her daughter Isabella were left by Isabella’s father when she was six months old.

Since then, the Michigan mom has been doing a great job raising her little girl by herself. Isabella really appreciates everything her mom does for her, so she wanted to take her to her school’s annual father-daughter dance. After making a couple calls, Sumey was given permission to attend as her daughter’s date.

On the day of the dance, Sumey helped Isabella get ready for her big night. They both looked gorgeous!

But when they arrived at the event, they were turned away at the door.

She told the people there that she had been given permission to attend, but apparently, the venues that she called did not plan the dance and had no real authority regarding who could and could not attend.

The organization behind the event stands firm in their belief that the dance is intended to honor positive male role models in little girls’ lives, and while men other than a girl’s father can attend, women cannot.

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However, last year, one girl was allowed to bring her mother to the dance because her father had just passed away from cancer.

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The school was willing to reimburse Sumey for the tickets, but they can never take back the amount of hurt and pain they caused Isabella and her mother. Share this story if you stand by Isabella and her decision to take her awesome mom to her dance.



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