This Cat Knocks But No One Is Home — Or They’re Just Ignoring Him


There are so many professions that have simply become a part of history because of technological advances.

People who made buttons for telephones (they don’t still have those anymore, right?), workers who made floppy disks and CDs. But one profession that’s especially nostalgic are traveling door-to-door salesmen. You know, the ones who you would pretend not to be home for when they knocked?

Well, it would seem that this friendly salesman didn’t get the memo that it’s 2016 and things have all moved online…


He’s so polite. I bet he could take those talents on the road…maybe this time with the circus?

But in all seriousness, what I want to know is who was hiding from this adorable cat and if they ever actually answered. Not knowing will haunt me!



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