This Dad Just Made The Coolest Batcave For His Kids — Even Adults Will Be Jealous


Batman may be a fictionalized superhero, but he’s a character that leaves a lasting, real-world impression on kids and adults alike.

It’s hard not to idolize an average Joe with a commitment to justice (and a Batcave). I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a good chunk of my childhood daydreaming about spending my nights fighting crime in a fashionable spandex suit with my BFF Robin. Perhaps one of the greatest lessons my idolization of Batman taught me was that good always trumps evil.

This incredible dad is proving that you don’t have to have powers to be a superhero. He took an unfinished crawlspace in his house and transformed it into a sick Batcave that any comic book buff would enjoy.

He began with this blank canvas located above his garage.

In no time, he got to work on designing some storage options that would be big enough told hold a superhero’s gear.

If you’re building a Batcave, you need a secret entrance.

This may look like just another storage unit, but when you open those cabinet doors, you’re transported to a top-secret superhero hangout.

He gave the room a fresh coat of paint and added these awesome Batman wall decals.

Even a cave-dwelling hero needs a little illumination. These Christmas lights did the trick!

And it wouldn’t have been an authentic Batcave without the addition of a Bat-Signal.

For more of Stryker’s awesome DIY projects, you can check out his Instructables page.




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