This Orchestra Sounds Ridiculous But You’ll Get It When You See What They’re Playing


When we go out to listen to an orchestra perform, we expect to hear instruments like flutes, trumpets, and violins.

While this particular musical group does play violins, most of their other instruments are much more unusual…and can actually be eaten. That’s because the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra uses — you guessed it — vegetables to create their unique music.

Over 10 years ago, Dale Stuckenbruck, a classically trained musician from Germany who teaches music on Long Island, created the orchestra.

Since then, they’ve performed at schools, libraries, conferences, and other venues. Each time they play, they have to use fresh vegetables, as they don’t last very long before they start to rot.

Check out what they sound like below on their hollowed-out vegetables, including carrots and butternut squash.


While you have to admire their talent and efforts, it’s hard not to giggle a little. These reporters know a thing or two about that.


Well, this is certainly one way to play with your food. Would you ever go to one of their concerts if you had the chance?



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