This Pomeranian Is A Better Piano Player Than I’ll Ever Be


I may have been a band geek in high school, but one instrument I never quite seemed to master was the piano.

I purchased a keyboard from a yard sale for $5 and could play a few chords, but I wasn’t going to be auditioning for the Boston Pops anytime soon.

Although I may never be Mozart, this piano-playing pooch might just be the next great classical pianist. Shila has been practicing the piano since she was born and is already performing sold-out shows in her own living room. With a bit more hard work and dedication, she could be touring the world before we know it.


When she’s not wowing audiences on stage, this elegant little nugget enjoys taking in a few art exhibits at some of the world’s best museums.

She’s also quick on her feet, being that she’s an established ballerina and all.

Such a class act. Shila truly is a dog that’s well-versed in the arts.

For even more of Shila’s adventures, you can follow her on Instagram.



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