This Woman With Breast Cancer Already Has It Rough, But Then Was Humiliated By TSA


Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents are very important when it comes to flight safety, but some have been known to take security measures way too far.

One recent incident left a radio host and mom with breast cancer feeling violated and completely humiliated. When Denise Albert was traveling through Los Angeles International Airport on December 4, she received terrible and insensitive treatment at the hands of two agents who repeatedly ignored the fact that she had special items to carry on board because of her illness.

The co-host of SiriusXM radio show “The Moms” was pulled aside by TSA agents after informing them about the medical cream she needed in her bag.

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Despite the fact that she is a Pre-Check passenger, meaning that she should get faster screenings without having to remove her shoes, they made her take them off anyway. Her feet were covered in sores from her cancer treatments, which prevented her from standing for long.

They then informed her that she would need a full-body pat down, even though she had a medical port in her chest after undergoing a lumpectomy. She removed her wig because she didn’t want them touching it. They even made fun of her fake eyelashes when they found them while later searching her bags. She had lost all her hair from chemotherapy.

“I understand security and that these people have a job to do. But they were out of line,” she later told Pix 11.

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(via Daily Mail)

After Albert filed a formal complaint, a representative from the TSA called to apologize and let her know that a formal investigation had been launched.

They also said that training procedures would be reviewed when it comes to screening those with medical issues and disabilities. Though this should have never happened in the first place, it’s good that the agency is taking action to correct the error.

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