What Happened To This Biracial Couple’s Twins Is So Rare


These baby girls from Illinois are so rare, many people can’t believe they are sisters, much less TWINS!

Kalani and Jarani Dean have been making headlines since they were born in April 2016. While Jarani inherited her father’s dark skin and brown eyes, Kalani has her mother’s light skin and blue eyes. According to BBC, biracial couples have roughly a one in 500 chance that their twins will be born with different skin tones.

The girls are fraternal twins, which means that each started out as a separate fertilized egg. Identical twins, on the other hand, begin life as a single fertilized egg that splits in two.

Because they were separate eggs, the girls were each able to inherit a unique set of genes from their parents. While the twins have all sorts of differences, the one that stands out the most is their varied skin tones. This rare phenomenon is known as “biracial twins.”

The girls’ mother, Whitney Meyer, told local news, “At first when they were born, I wanted to believe it but it’s so rare I didn’t think it’d happen to my twins! But sure enough they’re biracial twins!”

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To see more of the twins, check out the video below. These special little girls couldn’t be any cuter!


Do you know any biracial twins? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share these rare little girls with your friends and family.



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