What Happened To This Lake Is Dangerously Gross…And It Could Have Been Prevented


The tragic thing about environmental disasters is that they usually could have been prevented if only someone had thought ahead to the consequences of their actions. However, not many people do that when abusing the environment, which leads to stories like this…

The Palm Beach area of Florida is currently battling a horrifying blue-green algae outbreak in its normally pristine waters.

The outbreak, which might be the worst ever according to some experts, has already forced the closure of several beaches in the area.

Yes, that wave is green.

The timing couldn’t be worse, either. Right now is the height of tourist season in Florida.

While the algae is harmful to humans (it can cause skin rashes and trouble breathing), the substance is deadly to marine life.

The exact cause of the outbreak is being investigated, but officials already have some theories.

Water managers believe that a drainage pipe containing nutrient-rich wastewater from nearby farms might be at the center of the algae growth.

This wastewater drains into nearby lakes which feed rivers that ultimately lead out to the ocean.

Sadly, massive algae blooms like this are becoming more common in many parts of the United States due to decreasing water regulations and a lack of oversight from local officials.

(via Palm Beach Post)

That is utterly horrifying, and ahead of the July 4 weekend, too!

I feel bad for all the residents and native marine life — hopefully this is remedied ASAP.



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