What This Woman Said After Trying To Kidnap A Child From Daycare Is Absolutely Chilling


Is your child safe at daycare? In Columbus, Ohio, parents were shocked to learn that an unidentified woman walked into Brightside Academy and attempted to kidnap a four-year-old boy.

Although the incident took place on November 11, police are no closer to finding out the identity of the woman or how she knew the security code to get into the building. On January 4, ABC reporters visited the school to talk to parents, many of whom had not been notified of the kidnapping attempt. Staff refused to comment.

Security footage captured a blurry image of the woman just before she walked into the daycare. When a staff member stopped her from kidnapping a four-year-old, she reportedly said, “See how easy it is to take a kid?”

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When ABC reporters visited the daycare, they were surprised to learn that many parents had not been notified of the incident.

One mom said, “Everything is kind of secretive here. They don’t tell us too much. I know they changed a lot of staff recently, so maybe that’s why.”

The daycare’s security code has also been changed, but that still doesn’t explain who the woman is or how she was able to get into the building. Police are hoping that by sharing the security footage with the media, they’ll learn the woman’s identity.

To see ABC’s full report, click here.

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