Woman Dies While Live-Streaming On Facebook And No One Does Anything


In April 2016, Facebook was taken to the next level when it got upgraded with Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is a live-streaming service that allows any Facebook user to share a video of their life in real time. Streamers can even respond to and interact with their viewers, who might be tuning in from all across the globe. Unfortunately for one Arkansas mother, none of her 3,500 Facebook friends did anything to save her life when she was live-streaming one day.

On December 28, 26-year-old Keiana Herndon began a Facebook Live stream, and at first, everything was going well.

During the broadcast, she was holding her one-year-old son while discussing her big plans for the new year, including going back to school.

Herndon then began acting odd — she was seen wiping her face and shaking. Moments later, the woman collapsed.

Her young son picks up the phone and plays with it while gasping noises are in the background. Viewers heard the woman’s last breath.

Though hundreds watched the horrific events unfold, not one of her “friends” took action. It wasn’t until someone came into the room that anyone called 911.

Herndon was rushed to a local hospital, but it was too late.

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The mother had a long history of thyroid problems, and it is believed that her overactive thyroid may have given her a heart attack. However, an official cause of death has not been determined. Herndon is survived by both of her parents and her two children.

(via Daily Mail)

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Herndon’s sons during this difficult time. Share this story with your social media friends if you believe that one of the stream’s viewers should have done something to help save her life.



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