You Do A Great Job Of Applying SPF, But Does Your Brand Of Choice Really Work?


As we approach beach weather, a major concern for people of all ages is making sure they’re protected from UVA and UVB rays.

While the biggest cosmetic threat is looking like a lobster from harsh sunburn, the most serious threat to our skin is the development of skin cancer.

And finding the perfect sunscreen for you and your kids is never an easy feat. With dozens on the market, how do we know which brands really do what the packaging says they’ll do? According to a new study, more than three-quarters of sunscreen brands on the market don’t live up to their own claims.

In a report released by the Environmental Working Group, nearly 73 percent of the sunscreens they tested did not live up to the standards they advertised.

“Sunscreens are really mismarketed, and as a result, people who depend on them think they are far more powerful than they really are,” said senior analyst Sonya Lunder.

As part of the report, researchers examined the SPF protection, chemical ingredients, and overall effectiveness of nearly 880 sunscreen products.



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